Who We Are

YEP's Mission is empowering youth excellence. 

YEP's Vision is to provide experiences through which youth can maximize their leadership potential. 

YEP's Objective is for our youth to feel like they matter and succeed in life. There are 5 key elements in which we focus on to help to transform the youth's mindset:

1. Character development

2. Health & wellness

3. Leadership skills

4. Career and job training development

5. Education

This lifelong impact and high-quality programming is designed to develop problem solvers, innovators and leaders who shape our communities.


YEP's Racial Equity Statement

Youth Empowered to Prosper is committed to advancing racial equity by ensuring that our policies, strategic planning and advocacy efforts reflect justice for all. Making a difference in the lives we serve means promoting racial and ethnic equity with intentional efforts by doing the following.

·Advocate for the elimination of intuitional and structural racism in the systems we influence

·Serve our community's youth by actively engaging their families, listening to their needs and reflect programming and services that promote institutional change

·Examine YEP's policies and procedures using a racial equity lens that seeks to promote and impact fairness and equity

·Focus on eliminating racial and ethnic disparities to promote equity, access and opportunity for the outcomes of youth

·Ensure YEP's culture promotes an understanding of implicit bias within a historical framework of racial and ethnic inequities to eliminate barriers and improve outcomes

What We Do


The following program tracks are designed to empower the at-risk youth and/or homeless individual at various stages of assistance and development.  There are strategic steps within each program that focuses on the end goal of producing leaders in the community.

  • Basic Needs Assistance (direct provision or referrals to a network of community alliances to provide clothes, transportation and housing)
  • Mindset & Attitude Shift (mandatory class for all YEP participants)
  • Redirection (violence & anti-gang prevention, anger management)
  • Mentorship (nurturing relationship with accountability measures)
  • Leadership/Education (education & development of leadership and fanning the flame for success)
  • Redefine Identity (knowing who you are and why you are here, rising above peer pressure and bullying)
  • Financial Management/Budgeting (basic and advanced understanding of financial management)
  • Job Preparedness (resume writing skills, Office Suite skills (Word, Excel, Power Point) dress for success)
  • Employment Opportunities/Apprenticeships/Internships (establish relationships with business community)
  • Entrepreneurship Academy/Business Development (teaching principles of entrepreneurship and business acuity)
  • STEAM after school programming (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

Our Partners

Our Partners