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This one-to-one mentor program supports the educational, life and career goals of students in Palm Beach County. Volunteer mentors are matched with female youth in middle and high schools to provide guidance, inspiration and real-life experience in a trusting environment, with the goal of empowering young women to prevent absenteeism, develop coping mechanisms and become leaders of tomorrow.

Who is a mentor and what is the commitment?

A mentor is a professional, committed and caring woman who chooses to devote time with a young person, offering her support, guidance, and encouragement. Volunteers are required to invest a minimum of 4 hours per month for the duration of the school year. This investment of time can change a life by helping a teen build a solid foundation of values, establish goals, improve their academic and life skills, while developing their self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills. 




How has COVID-19 changed the mentoring landscape?

Youth are still experiencing long-term consequences of the pandemic. This is just another reason why teens need our support. Just as the workforce has changed from primarily in-person to remote, our mentor-mentee interactions have also changed. We encourage face-to-face interactions, especially at the beginning of the relationship, the program allows for virutal meetings as well.

Per the National Mentoring Partnership,

Young Adults Who Were At-Risk for Falling Off Track But Had a Mentor Are:

  • 55% more likely to enroll in college
  • 78% more likely to volunteer regularly
  • 90% are interested in becoming a mentor
  • 130% more likely to hold leadership positions


I'm interested in becoming a mentor, what are the next steps?

  1. Complete the application, once completed a YEP representation will be in touch with you
  2. Attend a training session
  3. Get screened (finger printing is necessary since we serve minors)
  4. Once the first 3 steps take place and you are approved as a mentor, you will be matched with a mentee
  5. YEP will provide support & monitoring throughout the duration of the match (during the school year)
  6. A Closing event will take place at the end of the match period (usually in April)


Mentor Application


Should you have any questions, please call the Program Director Lisa Cobb at 561-720-2492 or email her at Thank you so much for your willingness and commitment to change a life!

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